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Tuesday, April 4, 2017



'5:18' is Fingerless’ debut release from 2011. The second album ‘Organ Control’ was released in 2012. The intervening years passed without comment. A new EP will be released soon.


""Hey Mr. Tambourine men play some backwards guitar for me." This would sum up Brisbane based Marc Cheeseman's music... partly. Good seventies influenced acid folk songs, where acid is the backward electric guitar, some reverbed flutes and soundeffects wrapped around great timeless bedroom folk music with some strong moments.” — Dying For Bad Music

“Two thumbs!” — J. Milgate

“I tried to listen to this on acid and all I could picture was your stupid face.” — M. Fresta

The 2011 album “5:18” is available here for free download:


Excellent dreamy psychedelic folk complete with some slide, some fuzz and some backward guitars, lots of reverb and far out vocals!

Favourite tracks: The Dead Notes Edit and What's in Front

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Motorpsycho - Live in Berlin, Columbia Theater, 23.04.2016 Konzertkritik

Schade. Da produziert die norwegische Ausnahmeband MOTORPSYCHO mit HERE BE MONSTERS und HBM Vol. 2 eine beziehungsweise zwei ihrer ambitioniertesten und besten Platte(n) seit TRUST US (1998) überhaupt und liefert dann ein dermaßen bescheidenes Konzert ab. Enttäuschend!

HERE BE MONSTERS ist ein Werk, das aufzeigt, wie progressiver Rock im Jahre 2016 klingen kann, ja sollte. Es ist abwechslungsreich, originell, hat fantastische instrumentale Passagen und ausgefeilte Harmoniegesänge, die teils an Westcoast-Bands und insbesondere an CROSBY, STILLS & NASH erinnern. Ein einziger Genuss von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute.

Umso enttäuschender dann die Live-Umsetzung im Columbia Theater, Berlin.
Der Großteil des Publikums fand's wohl trotzdem toll – was aber auch am momentanen Hype um die Band liegen kann. Die Band hatte sichtbar Spaß, und man weiß ja auch nicht, wie es bei ihnen oben auf der Bühne geklungen haben mag. Für meinen Geschmack war das Konzert mit 2 3/4 Stunden viel zu lang und der Sound einfach nur schlecht.
Dieses Konzert war vor allem eins: dröhnend laut!
Der Reichtum an Klang, die musikalische Vielfalt der äußerst anspruchsvollen, fein arrangierten Musik, die sich auf HBM findet, wird hier live sinnlos zerdröhnt. Und so ist das Konzert für mich ein Fehlschlag. Wieder einmal zeigt sich: Lautstärke ist nicht alles! Ganz im Gegenteil. Hier zerstört sie nur.

Nichts gegen Drones und lautere Passagen bei Live-Konzerten. Wenn aber alles nur noch gleichermaßen zermatscht klingt, stellt sich bei mir als Zuhörer kein Entzücken ein, sondern vielmehr Langeweile (und bestenfalls noch – trotz Schutz der strapazierten Gehörgänge – eventuell Kopfschmerzen.)

Begnadete Sänger waren die MOTORPSYCHO-Musiker noch nie, doch an diesem Abend schmerzt das besonders. Und auch wenn Minimalismus und Repetition mit allmählicher Steigerung prägnante Stilmerkmale der Band sind – diesmal erzeugen sie keine Spannung und kosmisches Verzücken, sondern nur den Wunsch, dass es doch bitte bald zu Ende sein soll; man hat's halt an diesem Abend einfach schon viel zu oft gehört – nicht schon wieder, bitte ...

Schade. Das Songmaterial hätte Besseres verdient.
Und teile doch bitte mal jemand dem Bassisten mit, dass man mit dem Instrument nicht nur Akkorde spielen kann.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Kadeem Ward Project: Dilemma Of Dispersal & Aging (Or A Continuum To Departure) (2015)

Here is what a guy called Kadeem sent me:

I'm a 23 year old solo artist residing in Barbados, an island in the Caribbean where the music created is often discredited and undervalued.

My latest full-length can be heard via these links:

I encourage you to take the time to listen to what I have to offer, as I believe you may very well be intrigued.


If you like improvised long psychedelic rock sessions, you should have a listen.

My favourite track is:
3. Glaciated Sama-Bajau Beacon (Vision II) 37:08 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Paneye - Desertism (AUSTR./ United Arab Emirates 2015)

A new fantastic album by 


recorded at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai in 2015.

Art, music, words, vocals by Will Treffry. 
Second vocalist is Khat.

1. Desertism

2. Eyelid Temples

3. I Stumbled Upon Her Ruins

4. Decayed Windforms

5. Watched By Every Gloom

6. Passports To Overcast Islands

7. Visited By Murky Windings

8. Disfigured Fortune

9. Calm Eternity

10. Heed The Cycling Idleness

11. Empty Boats And The Vortex

12. Fragile Awe

Listen here:


Friday, November 13, 2015

llamame la muerte + maxim engl - Fr. 13.11. Konzert im Exzess / 21:30

Ihr habt heute noch nichts vor? Dann kommt doch an diesem Freitag dem 13.(!) nach Bockenheim in die Leipziger Straße 91, steigt die Treppen zum ExZess Keller hinab und genießt Live Musik der besonderen Art!
Liebe Grüße, M.

maxim engl (ffm) - ein mensch - eine gitarre - ein verstärker - viele effekte -
floating tones & sonic drones

llamame la muerte (le mans) - magnifique musique psychédélique - drums/guitar/vocals -
virtuoses duo, das zuweilen nach einem kompletten postrock-orchester klingt -
freund*innen von shipping news werden vor freude weinen und alle anderen vielleicht auch ***

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Citradels - Honey (Video; AUSTRALIA 2015)

Honey is the newest offering from the ever prolific Melbourne based band The Citradels.

Recorded over a 5 day period inside a disused butter factory in rural Victoria. Honey is the second key hole peep show into their 6th album Are They Still Here? set for vinyl release on psychic Ric Records in January 2016.

Honey features comely vocals, with Ennio Morricone style twang arrangements. Depicting young Woody’s demise into perversion, the video perfectly sums up the sickly sweet trappings of teenage love.

Honey ain’t dead.

Download the track from here

For more releases mosey on over to

(BAND info/promo)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Two excellent Compilations I listen to a lot

Usually I don' like compilation CDs that much.
I prefer to buy the complete (or almost complete) work of a band or a musician (e.g. The Byrds or Patti Smith) – and to create my own sampler. Simply for the reason that almost all sampler CDs that I bought were disappointing to me.
Anyway, there are two notable exceptions:

1. Way to Blue – An Introduction to Nick Drake
This is just excellent! A very pleasant listening experience from start till end.
I'm not the greatest Nick Drake fan on earth, but I really enjoy this compilation. This guy only managed to record 3 LPs when he was still alive and in fact I don't like to listen to them very much. The one I like the most is probably "Bryter Layter" produced by the exquisite JOHN CALE. I mean John Cale! You can't go wrong with a John Cale produced record of that era. Just think of the 2nd Nico LP "The Marble Index".
Anyway, I don't like the sparse arrangements on Drakes last album that much.
And now: "Way to Blue" – it's compiled in a way that really surprised me and finally made me a Nick Drake fan. For the first time I really got into his music.

2. Syd Barrett: Wouldn't You Miss Me?
This one is even better than "Way to Blue".
I've known Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd since I was about twelve. I'm now almost fifty years old and STILL I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. And I mean HUGE. Don't ask me about collecting bootlegs and books ...
Listening to Barrett's solo works – two records, if you only count the regular ones excluding the outtakes collection "Opel" – was always kind of ... hm ... embarassing, no, not exactly the right word, but you know ... to me. But come on, listening to "The Madcap Laughs" at times can really be quite hard – disturbing. I still can't understand why Gilmour and Waters decided to include the more painful tracks like (especially) "Wouldn't You Miss Me", that simply sound sung wrong. Sketches at best. Turning the pages, stumbeling and stopping after a wrong beginning ... Come on, guys, give me a break!

Barrett was said to be difficult to work with, ask Norman Smith for that one, he often changed songs during the recording process and was fond of improvising. All facts very well known. And on "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" this worked perfect, but one shouldn't forget the producer's job on that band's first album. It would be interesting to listen to some of the unedited stuff of the sessions or to some more outtakes. I think Norman Smith did a great job and "The Piper" surely would have sounded very different with another producer. What I'm trying to say: It's the editing process that is important when you work in a way Pink Floyd and/or Syd Barrett did in the old days. And Waters/Gilmour rellly did not do Syd a favour when they decided to leave all the babbling and confusion and the wrong singing in. 

"The Madcap Laughs" could have been a fantastic record. There are many fantastic songs on it. But sadly it is not – due to Waters' and Gilmour's decision. One of the reasons, why they did this to him, was probably to show in what kind of confused mental state Syd was at that time. But hey – we are listening to a record, not a therapy hour. At least I wish it was so.
The compilation "Wouldn't You Miss Me? – The Best of Syd Barrett" does not include the original version of the title song but gladly the one from "Opel" which is much better and much less painful to listen to. Why didn't Waters and Gilmour choose this version in the first place? I really wonder.

You will find all the great Barrett songs on this compilation, not all are classics, but hey: it's the "solo" Syd Barrett really at his best. "Octopus", "Late Night", "Dominoes", "No Good Trying" – you name it, even "Two of A Kind" from the 1970 BBC session is included. Great choice – without the disturbing unnecessary "mental illness indicating" elements that I dislike so much (which you find on "Madcap") and that really don't do justice to Syd Barrett, musical genius or not. 
The only song that may get hard to listen to on this compilation is in fact "Opel" the title song from the later outtakes collection; and one gets an idea, why that track was left off the album in the first time. The singing voice is not as good as the song itself.
The previously unreleased "Bob Dylan Blues" doesn't do much harm, I could have lived without it, but okay, it's a nice extra to have the opportunity to listen to that song finally.

This is by far the Syd Barrett CD that I listen the most often to – and I always enjoy it very much; and remember: I'm a huge Pink Floyd/Barrett fan!
It took me many years to "understand" the different sounds that Syd made solo in comparison to the ones with his old band, and listening to this compilation I recognized for the first time: Hey, it all is still there, the things that made "Piper" and the first Floyd singles so great: the wit, the psychedelic improvised guitar technique, the oh so cool original lyrics ... Not as different as I thought. Just two years later – and still very fascinating.
I love this compilation. The one Barrett CD that shows all the facets of his music. And it's VERY enjoyable.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

DANNY TAKES A TRIP + POET ZERO im Waggon, Offenbacg, Germany

Hallo Freunde und Freundinnen!

Endlich ist es soweit! Am 02.07.15 findet im WAGGON In Offenbach das allererste POET ZERO Konzert in Bandbesetzung statt! Den Support bestreitet DANNY TAKES A TRIP. Yeah!!!


Weird Acoustic Rock - Palimpseste, Collagen, Zitate, Songs.
Erträumt und mit Stimme und Gitarre vertont von Daniel "Fast Danny" Sich. Skurril, melancholisch, tragikomisch, kindlich, aufrichtig und stets catchy.
Live wird außerdem eine Fremdkomposition aufgeführt werden...

Daniel Sich, *1965, Gründungsmitglied von Thotes Schwein und Orange, heute Gitarrist der Motörhead-Tribute-Band Hammersmith und Bassist bei Poet Zero.
Lebt und arbeitet in Mannheim als selbständiger Musiklehrer.

POET ZERO ist ein altes Projekt des ephemeroL-Gitarristen Maxim Engl. 

Zwischen 1995 und 2003 nahm der POET diverse Tapes im 4-Spur-Verfahren auf, auf denen er als One-Man-Band Songs performt, die sowohl von jahrelangem MOTORPSYCHO-, DINOSAUR-JR- und HÜSKER-DÜ-Genuss beeinflusst sind als auch von der Musik, die diese Bands selbst gehört haben: Tonnen von Rock und Punk.

Die meisten Stücke hat der POET niemals live aufgeführt; einige wurden gelegentlich bei rein akustischen Soloauftritten gespielt (z.B. letztes Jahr im Waggon) oder gelangten ins Programm von Engls früheren Bands ORANGE und PAN AMP. Zwei späte POET-ZERO-Nummern landeten sogar bei den Live-Sets der frühen ephemeroL!

Mithin ist es eine ganz besondere Freude, endlich eine Handvoll erlesener Stücke aus dem POET-ZERO-Fundus live auf der Bühne so darzubieten, wie sie mal gedacht waren - Songwritermusik im Heavy-Outfit...

Möglich wurde das jetzt glücklicherweise durch den Enthusiasmus von Pierre Snittlauch, Drummer bei CAPE CAPSIZE und HANK LIZARD, und Bassist Daniel "Fast Danny" Sich, Gitarrist der MOTÖRHEAD-Tribute-Band HAMMERSMITH, die hochmotivert wie kongenial die phänomenalen Songs wieder zum Leben erwecken.
Wer nicht kommt, muss später damit leben, ein unvergleichliches Konzert verpasst zu haben!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – First performance with original line up in 47 years! Unbelievable!!!

Not the best quality, but hey – THAT'S HISTORY!

The band's first performance with original line up in 47 years. Live at Levitation 2015 in their home town of Austin, Texas... 

She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)
Fire Engine
Tried to Hide
Slip Inside This House
(I’ve Got) Levitation
Splash 1
Kingdom of Heaven
Nobody to Love
Roller Coaster

You’re Gonna Miss Me

Lineup: Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, John Ike Walton, and Ronnie Leatherman