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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY Live In Europe (1975) - The Follow-Up To Gout! (WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS)(USA 2017)

Some new stuff from the ever so hard-working guys WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS. Psychedelic late-Miles-Davis-style druggy fusion jazz. Very enjoyable.
You may check out all of their weird music here.
Strongly recommended!!!

Their info on this release:

The long-lost second LP from Art Jackson's Atrocity.
Recorded live in Germany, just months after Gout (the band's 1974 debut album for Columbia Records) was shelved, deemed unsellable by the label's corporate hierarchy. Turning down a January, 1975 invitation to support Miles Davis in Tokyo, The Atrocity decided instead to blitzkrieg Germany, finding a receptive audience for their incendiary style of improvisational jazz/noise/rock. First issued as an independent LP in St. Louis, circa 1975, Live In Europe is the only known live document of Art Jackson's Atrocity - though… all of the Atrocity's work was recorded live as it happened. Live In Europe, however, captures the frenetic energy that can only be found in a live setting, as artist and audience face off for an anticipatory clash of unknown expectations and improvisational possibilities. The enthusiastic response from the jazz-hungry Germans in both Düsseldorf and Berlin provides an exhilarating backdrop to The Atrocity's only overseas performances. Now, for the first time in 42 years, a new generation of listeners have the opportunity to hear the musical madness of a close-knit collective of anti-social misfits with no corporate goals. What might have been... had label indifference, drug abuse and multiple incarcerations not derailed one of the 1970's more unpredictable forebears of a futuristic musical dystopia few were willing to believe could possibly exist.

#31994 (4:22)
The Continuum (4:55)
Death Train To Nuremberg (4:06)
Birds On Fire (7:59)
Birds On Fire, Part 2 (11:14)

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Art Jackson: guitar
Artis Killins: bass, vox
Pharaoh Keyes: keyboards
Pete Jay: guitar, percussion
Eric Gaye: saxophone, clarinet
Joseph Mix: saxophone, flute, effects
Kurtis Snider: drums

Free Download

1 comment:

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks, as always Mike. For EVERYTHING! Here's new pic for you... https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9hlc1IbwqbU/WZtmkv6jiKI/AAAAAAAABVc/aTL11jNWrwwlP6vCTn3dBKFeSqZ9qFvjACLcBGAs/s1600/WLFC72%2BLive%2BIn%2BEurope.jpg

All the best